General questions about anything?

Feel free to shoot me an email about anything, or just to say hi.


Damaged shipment?

If your canvas is damaged upon receipt (frame is severely warped or dented, canvas is torn) please email me a photo of the damage alongside your order number so I can forward it on to the canvas supplier and have them mail you a new one free of charge.


One of the easiest things to do is sit back and observe the world. Yet deciding which scene — which second in the passage of time — to capture, to preserve, and to study, has been the challenge that’s driven most of my photography. What’s photogenic doesn’t always merit preserving. What’s atmospherically beautiful isn’t always photogenic. And sometimes, additional depth and beauty isn’t always discovered until it’s preserved and studied day after day, hanging on the walls at home to ponder for a few moments every now and then. Finding myself working through this circle of what seems to be art is what drives me to continue trying to promote this style of observation — casual, deliberate, and sometimes just going with what seems to tickle your eye.

Some of these photographs I've decided to preserve are displayed here for sale.

How are these printed?

Photographs are printed and shipped via an online photo canvas supplier that I've come to respect the quality of.  The properties of canvas printing seem to complement my style of photography;  the subtle grain of canvas adds a textural element, the ink used lends good color without over-saturation, and the matte finish lights well without much glare.  All photos are printed in 2x3 ratio as they were taken.  Photos 20x30 and larger are 1.5" thick and are backed with a paper dust cover, and have wire-ready hanging brackets stapled in.  Smaller photos are 3/4" thick and have a sawtooth hanging bracket.  The print is entirely as you see on the photo's page, no watermarks or signatures are included.  If you want a signed copy, consider visiting the galleries or storefronts that display some of these photographs.  Head on over to the Blog for recent announcements about local displays. 

Snapshots / Works In Progress

I have a Flickr account which I update a bit more regularly with photographs of the moment, as well as for friends & family.  If you're interested in a print from there, just poke me and I'm happy to create an entry here for sale.