Information for Galleries & Large Purchasers

I'm always interested in displaying large and small canvas prints in galleries, wine bars, coffeeshops, and other venues around the Silicon Valley area in northern California.  Additionally, there is a steep 50% discount for businesses or galleries that wish to purchase or resell without consignment.  If you're a gallery or otherwise wishing to display some of these works, feel free to email me and we can chat.

Open-air gallery display during Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 2016

Open-air gallery display during Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 2016

Canvas Details

I am currently printing photographs on canvas, which offers a great color saturation in a matte finish with a subtle canvas grain.  Display pieces range in size between 20"x30" or larger often in complementary pairs, to 8"x12" or 12"x18" usually in complementary sets of four.  Photograph prints are not artificially restricted to limited editions; any number of prints can be made in almost any size, although most photographs have recommended sizes and hanging suggestions.  Quantities in a complete set can vary, between a small one-wall collection to a multi-room house full of small and large prints.

Large Purchases

If you're interested in purchasing $3000 or more of canvas prints (equivalent of ten 24"x36" prints, or whatever other combination of sizes), you can use the discount code LARGEPURCHASE to get 50% off your order.

Current Studies Ready to Hang

PATTERNS example set

CALIFORNIA example set

If you're interested in showing these or any other photographs you see on the site, feel free to reach out!

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