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Much attention and care has been given in recent years to ergonomic design in the corporate office world.  Care of the physical comfort and safety of the human body is a large industry, with much money and government regulation thrown at it.  New research and products seem to pop out frequently, all designed to help ease the repetitive strain in our work.

A growing field of study, however, is biophilia.  As ergonomics is to the human body, biophilia is to the human mind;  attention, creativity, and mental health all seem to benefit under the biophilia hypothesis.

Large centers have been built at major universities.  Corporations are pouring research into studying the intersection of nature and the modern world.  The scientific world is publishing many papers on the effects of nature in the workplace.  Biophilic design is an growing trend that cannot — and should not — be ignored.


Two studies for biophilic artwork

I have two studies that are great at providing a window into the natural world via large format canvas prints hanging on the walls of the office.

PATTERNS — an abstract collection of textures from the outdoors.  Rough ridges in bark, granite veins in rock, the overlap of mossy stones in an Irish wall.  Great for being minimally distracting, avoiding the stereotypical clichés of pretty pictures, and leading the viewer to find something new every time they look.

CALIFORNIA — a more approachable view into the natural beauty that is the state of California.  The mountains of Yosemite, the cliffs of Highway 1, the fields of golden grass in Palo Alto.  A welcome reminder of what's out there for local office workers, and a hint at where to visit come the weekend.


These example galleries are not exhaustive; new work is being produced frequently, and old work is being combed through and uploaded.

PATTERNS example set


CALIFORNIA example set


Large Purchases

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If you're interested in simply purchasing $3000 or more of canvas prints (equivalent of ten 24"x36" prints, or whatever other combination of sizes), you can use the discount code LARGEPURCHASE to get 50% off your order.  Feel free to browse the photos and check out when you're done.

I'm also happy to talk about other options, whether licensing, purchasing outside of this website (which would save me transaction fees), or other possibilities that I'm not yet aware of, since I'm just starting out in this pursuit.  Feel free to send me a note and we can start a conversation.